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A better way to control digital cameras

Cam is an app that can remotely control your camera.

Why another camera controller app?

In my years of using a DSLR, I've noticed two common problems with 3rd-party controller apps:

How do you fix these problems?

Cam isn't just a glorified remote shutter app. You have total freedom to do anything. Want an astrophotography mode? Cam has it. Want a timelapse mode? Cam has it. No, these aren't baked-in features - you can customize nearly every aspect of a mode, even if you don't know how to code. And if you do, you can create your own modes from scratch.

The code behind Cam also has a complete regression testing system based on a virtual camera, which also helps with rapid prototyping.


Planned Features:

Camera as a Service (CaaS)

Remotely control a camera from anywhere in the world with a rich API over the web. Available for astronomy and long-term timelapse.
Coming Soon



Coming Soon

Download custom liveview v1 for Magic Lantern


Camit is a free and open-source intervalometer app. The app is complete, with the same modding interface that comes with Cam. Available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android!

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