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A better way to control digital cameras

Camit is an app that can connect to your digital camera.


Planned Features:

Why another camera controller app?

I've never been content with the current number of apps available, so I've been making new one.

How do you fix these problems?

In order for Camit to be considered,

Camit gives you a complete scripting interface around the app. You have the freedom to either create your own plugins to automate obscure workflows, or if you don't know how to code, you can choose from the many built-in plugins.

A separate project closely tied to this one is vcam, a virtual camera that can perfectly spoof Canon's own software. vcam greatly helps with reliability helps speed up Camit's development process. It's freely available for anybody who wants to to use it to make camera tools.

Camera as a Service (CaaS)

Remotely control a camera from anywhere in the world with a rich API over the web. Available for astronomy and long-term timelapse.
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Coming Soon

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