Daniel's Home Network

Running 24/7 since 2018.

Main Server

Raspberry Pi 3

Runs There's Code. Requests are handled by my main server.
Note that code.theres.life and eggnog.theres.life are the only subdomains pointed to this IP.
Anything else on theres.life is ran on Josias's server.

Network Info

My ISP is NorthState. Downtime is very rare (99.99% uptime)
My main server runs on a 500mbps connection.
Raspberry Pi 3 runs at 100mbps from a switch.

Power Outages

Downtime ranges from 1-2 days to a week at most, every year.


The server is mostly unused hardware. I upgrade it with donation money.

Connected Domains

Power consumption is around $15-25 a year at most. The Dell system costs ~$200,
and the Raspberry Pi 2 costs $35.