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Ditching Windows: 1 Year Later

Dec 8 2020

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A year ago, I wrote a post describing my experience moving from Windows 10 to Linux. Here, I will elaborate on my points.

Issue Solving: Obviously, since Windows is much more popular than Linux, there will be more people to answer forum questions. This doesn't mean that Windows is better than Linux, but it's still an inconvenience when switching.

Admin/User: "In Windows, you are a user. In Linux, you are the Admin" I looked at this from a software perspective. From a "freedom" perspective, this is very true. Windows does a lot of sneaky things in the background and doesn't let you disable them. Not to mention that Windows is completely closed-source.

Here, I was talking about software design. To a person who has a lot of experience with Linux, I can see why they would say this is true. I still find the typical Linux permission system a bit annoying compared to Windows, making me feel less like an admin.

I still have a Windows installation for running Windows only software, and boot into it often, but switching to Linux was one of my decisions, especially for software development.

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