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Past Usernames

Monday, March 23, 2020

For the past 4 or 5 years, I have had many different usernames. So I thought I would write a story or something on how my username evolved over time.
So, the very first username I ever used was Brikbusters. It simply related to Minecraft, since I had been playing the game since 2014/2013.

Later, in early 2016, I switched to SolidCanGaming for a brief amount of time. That username did not last long. Also, around the same time, I registered my Google account. So my email is brikbusters at gmail dot com.

Later in 2016, I changed my username to Pufflegamerz. I have no idea why I thought of that, and it does not have any relation to Club Penguin. But that name stuck.

In 2018, I made another name Petabyte Studios. That username was supposed to be multiple people, but it ended up just being me. So, I removed the "studios" part, and now I have Petabyte.

I still go by Pufflegamerz and Petabyte, but I don't think I will ever switch completely. I have simply used the names for too long. So at least I have a cool story behind them.

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